Cable Assembly

Cable assembly is the production of cable, bunched cable and cable harness wired ready for connection and to install and also furnished with plugs and contacts.

During processing different connectivity solutions can be used. Crimping and soldering are very popular in this field. Cable harnesses or connection cables will be designed and finished as completed segments in accord with the customer’s demand and process parameters. This requires highly concentrated and qualified employees and high accuracy in planning and realization.

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Cable Products – Cable, Bunched Cable and Harnesses

We extended our portfolio and got a brand-new automatic cable processing machine. With this new machine, we have a huge advantage – we are now able to crosscut and strip cables with double insulation.

  • Expansion of capabilities
  • Very fast cutter head
  • High dynamic transport speed
  • Parallel machine processes
  • Minimized changeover times due to magnetically held guide tubes
  • Programming-libraries
  • Quick change blade sets
  • The benchmark in precise coaxial and shielded cable processing with multi-position cutter head
  • Rotary incision capability

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Precision is our Passion

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Cable AssemblyWe can provide the following span of application:
  • Coaxial, multi-conductor and single conductor cables
  • Cutting – cut and strip uneven lengths
  • Crosscutting
  • Flat cable processing
  • Sheath stripping
  • Cutting Kevlar
  • Longitudinal slitting
  • Processing wire
  • Multi-step stripping
  • Power and system cables as round cables
  • Processing round and shielded cables
  • Stripping e. g. internal conductors
  • Processing hose material
  • Stripping windows
  • Processing cable lists
  • Processing twin cores
  • Cores with special insulation


  • Coaxial cable
  • String
  • Conductor
  • Ribbon cable material
  • Multi-conductor cable; multi-wire cable
  • POV
  • PUR
  • PVC
  • Rubber, profiles
  • Single-wire cord
  • Strands, single strands
  • Teflon®
  • Triaxial cable
  • Hose
  • Wire