Soldering technology

Lead-free soldering for protecting the environment!

Environmental protection is at the top of our agenda. Gigler Elektronik is one of the first suppliers to introduce lead-free soldering in Eastern Bavaria. Lead-free soldering minimises the heavy metal content in products and waste materials. Thus, we consistently meet the RoHS requirements for lead-free soldering.

Upon request by a particular sector, for example, aerospace or instrumentation, we are still in a position to solder with lead. 

Vapour phase soldering system

Vapour phase soldering is the most gentle soldering method for components because the components are subjected to the minimum amount of temperature stress in this method compared to other soldering methods. Another advantage of this soldering method is the uniform heating and profile design of large and small components. The soldering process is carried out in an oxygen-free vapour phase, which ensures that the solder joints are optimally and gently fabricated with flux. The process is used for lead-containing and lead-free soldering at Gigler Elektronik.

Reflow soldering

In reflow soldering, the printed circuit board is transported inline into a nitrogen reflow soldering furnace. Using different heating zones, the printed circuit board is preheated and soldered in the peak zone. The soldering profiles are computer-controlled and monitored. The nitrogen for the soldering process is generated in the internal air separation system. The residual oxygen content of the module can thus be adjusted.

Wave soldering

In wave soldering, a flux is applied to the circuit board using a spray fluxer in selective spraying method. In the process, the circuit board is held in a solder frame which transports the module through the soldering unit. The module is pre-heated in the pre-heating station and the flux is activated. The soldering unit consists of a solder pan with hot solder, which is applied to the solder joint using a solder pump. Then the module is cooled and is ready for final inspection.

Gigler Elektronik can provide lead-containing and lead-free soldering for your products.

Selective soldering

The percentage of SMD components is gradually increasing in modules with a small amount of THT components. In this case, Gigler Elektronik provides an alternative selective soldering method (lead-containing / lead-free) as well as solderless pressfit technology.