We turn ideas into reality

We turn ideas into reality

Innovators in the fight against plagues of mice and rats


The start-up company Traplinked GmbH has launched a new type of pest control. The EMS service provider Gigler Elektronik GmbH from Konzell supported the company as developer and implementer.



Protecting people as much as possible from external pest threats is more topical than ever: mice, rats and other pests are disease carriers and have to be kept away from food. In Germany over 900,000 companies currently have to be monitored by law. This is usually done by experienced pest controllers.

Since a continuous, complete control is sometimes difficult or impossible, toxic substances are sometimes used. An effective alternative did not exist so far. That's changing now. Tim Kirchhof, founder of the company Traplinked GmbH, has developed the novel and patent-pending mouse trap together with a team of experts. The system detects and communicates about a pest infestation via Internet. Gigler Elektronik GmbH was brought on board as a partner. They contributed the IoT sensor, which can be integrated into the common mouse and rat tunnels. He reports the infestation of the respective location or trap via a corresponding app and the pest controller can react immediately and empty the traps within a very short time. For this purpose, the ideal route to the site of operation is suggested. This results in less empty runs, continuous transparency and a higher catch rate, as the traps only need to be touched when an actual catch is made.

The novel mouse trap enables intelligent evaluation and fast data transport. Existing traps can be retrofitted with the system. The product is currently being used for field tests and is currently being qualified for further applications. It will be available from Traplinked in the third quarter of the current year.

The Gigler Elektronik GmbH was founded in 1991 and is active as EMS service provider in the fields of electronics and mechanics depending on customer requirements from development to production and this already from lot size 1 up to a whole series. Gigler Elektronik currently employs 50 people in Konzell and 15 in Cegled (Hungary).

You can read this article in the Niwi of May/June 2020 of the IHK Niederbayern on page 15.

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