Firm history - Milestone

2015 We welcome our new staff members – Gigler counts 50

2015  Production expanded - as of August 1, 2015, our new branch factory
        "Gigler Mechatronik KFT" will be opened in Hungary.

2015 Gigler is now in Hungary too - We are expanding our production.

2014  New football kit for SV Konzell » more

2014  95% of the 100,000,000 components have been fitted since 2007 » more

2014  Neubau einer Lagerhalle

2014  36 employees

2014  Anschaffung von neuen Siebdruckern

2014  Anschaffung von 2 neuen SMD-Bestückmodulen

2014  Anschaffung von 2 neuen AOI-Systemen

2013  neue Partnerschaft im Bereich Kunststofftechnik vereinbart

2013  Anschaffung ICT - Testsystem

2013  Anschaffung Lackieranlage

2012 Procurement of an additional vapour phase reflow system (inline)

2011 Procurement of a new assembly machine

2011 Procurement of a fully automatic stencil printer

2010 Procurement of a new reflow soldering furnace and internal nitrogen generation

2010 SAP implemented as ERP system

2009 Expansion of the production area by constructing a three-storied hall (1,500 m²)

2008 ISO 9001 certification

2007 Expansion of the soldering method for lead-free processes

2006 Expansion of SMD manufacturing with inline assembly system and vapour phase soldering

2002 Investment in cable processing and CNC milling systems

1998 Start of SMD technology

1997 Construction of new production hall in Konzell

1992 Start of printed circuit board assembly

1991 Company established by Mr Gigler in Zandt as an assembly firm

Gigler Elektronik is always looking to invest in technology so as to be an attractive partner for your products.